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Rachel’s batmitzvah is Saturday.  And she’s going to become a woman, big time.  Everything’s going to be great… except a boy has a crush on her.  And he’s into some dark Kabbalah stuff.  And the ark in the temple keeps opening on its own.  And something terrible is about to happen.

Dybbuk Batmitzmath is a hilarious, Speilbergian, coming of age story about girlhood, faith, and friendship.

To peruse a copy of Dybbuk Bat Mitzvah, please email a request to

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Somewhere in a kingdom across the sea, Prince Edward is in trouble again and his whipping boy, Will, is about to suffer the consequences.  Nothing new, really, except that the young Majesty is on the brink of puberty.  And a whole lot of feelings are about to come out. 

The Whipping Boy & the Prince examines the tumultuous, multifaceted relationship between Edward and Will, and the taboo act that draws them together:  a raw examination of kink, class, divinity, and power.

To peruse a copy of The Whipping Boy & the Prince, please email a request to

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Hyacinth is dead. Well, no, not yet; he's lost in the Nether Place. But what happened? Who killed him? Wait, did someone kill him? And where's Apollo? That's all Hyacinth can remember at first that his life truly began the night he locked eyes with the great god Apollo...

DISCUS boldly reimagines the often-overlooked queer love story of Apollo and Hyacinth: a heartbreaking and candid play that challenges us with its powerfully relevant themes of class, power, justice, accountability, and above all: change.

Available NOW for licensing/purchase through Concord Theatricals, here.  

"Discus is worthy of a wreath of laurels." - John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards, Thinking Theater NYC

"This is a beautiful work. Sweet and intimate, with still the epic threads that are sewn into any myth involving the pantheon." - Zelda Knapp, A Work Unfinishing

"provocative new indie interpretation" - Deb Miller, DC Metro Arts

"DISCUS... is a highly stylized, elaborately designed, and well-paced new adaptation of the enduring Greek myth of Apollo and Hyacinth." - Jed Ryan,  Lavender After Dark Media



In 1970, liberal America seemed at the end of its rope.  Out of the flower children and free-loving hippies that has popularized the cultural landscape, a new wave of radicals entered the scene: the Yippies.  Avantgarde and arrogant, the Yippies made their anti-war, anti-capitalist sentiments well known with in your face activism.  When Terry, a wild but weary leader of the Yippies, gets an idea to organize a protest in Disneyland, he’s looking for a lot more than a chance to stick it to the man; he’s looking to dig into a former friend who has betrayed him.    Based on true events, this docudrama examines this day from all sides: a manager at Disneyland, guests of the park, and the rebels who led the protests, painting a picture of a both a divided and united America.

Available NOW on the Samuel French website

Read our amazing review here.



A solo piece about tracing the line of trauma stemming from the Holocaust between my grandmother, my mother, and me.  

It's also kinda funny.

Available for perusal on the National New Play Network  



At sixteen, Joey has just committed suicide. Through narration and a series of flashbacks, Joey shows us the life he used to lead and why he chose to end it -- but we also see the unexpected effect of his death on his classmates, teachers, and family.

Available for purchase and licensing through Playscripts Inc. and Amazon



Sit.  Stay - for 3boys, a twisted allegory about Lee, a young dog struggling to guard puppy Zip against the human ideals of obedience, devotion, and masculinity.  But when alpha Comet returns, Lee learns that rebellion only comes back to bite them.  The harshly poetic 40-minute piece uses canine physicality to portray human emotional violence.


"...a compelling and mournful snapshot of the male psyche.

3boys is no mere walk in the park; it has bite."

- Time Out New York

"One of the best Fringe plays I've ever seen;3boys has a great script that keeps you thinking long after the play has ended, and best of all, it leaves you wanting more."

- Theatre is Easy

Available for purchase and licensing here.

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Tate may only be 24, but she’s already spent years working as one of Manhattan’s best drug dealers, thanks to her charming older mentor Jackson. When her boyfriend proposes, Tate’s desire for a new life forces her to pull away from the only career and father figure she has ever known. Among painful revelations and betrayals, Tate learns the price of breaking free and the cost of survival. All We Are looks at a generation trying to rise to the height of their ambitions, and the perpetual uncertainty of the climb.



On a rooftop in New York City, two friends are forced to reconcile their relationship before one of them moves across the country.  Featuring the prominent New York City skyline, Punches captures a raw, tender moment in the lives of two friends on the verge of transition.

Becca also acts in this one!

Link to youtube is here.



In two separate places, Nathan and Will, two gay teenagers, recount their relationship which began as an innocent flirtation and turned into a sexual encounter that neither could fully process.

"In the strongest piece, Hands, written by Becca Schlossberg and deftly directed by Gail S. Garrisan, two men perform interior monologues recalling a transient sexual encounter in unusually graphic detail. But we see that even in the heat of passion, the older sensitive man (Amadeo) is secretly flashing back to an earlier pivotal experience that encompassed abuse while the young partner (Craig Moody) is oblivious to anything but his impression that he is giving great pleasure to the other man." - Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater On Stage, Review for Shorts Gone Wild



Fresh off a fight with his father, eighteen-year-old Tracey and his eleven-year-old sister Cameran flee their abusive home and drive south to Savannah.  Over the next few hours, Tracey reaches out to his limited connections: his girlfriend, an old summer school teacher, and his aunt.  In his desperate attempts to solidify some type of plan for the future, Tracey navigates through a painful world of limitations and betrayals, ultimately learning the truth about what it will take to for him to survive.   Guidance is a coming of age story about the search for home in a world without safety.



Ash is devoted to her stuffed animals, even though she's thirteen and people give her a hard time. Turns out someone else knows exactly how she feels--who happens to be a terrifying ghost who lives in her closet. A whimsical tale of friendship between the human, ghostly, and stuffed.

This play can also be performed as part of the full-length play Scared Silly.

Avaiable via Playscripts Inc, HERE

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In the near future, orphans have become the scapegoats of a crumbling society. When 17-year-old Cal is selected as the subject of a book on the conflict, he finds himself torn between his fearful loyalty to those who have raised him and the wrath of a hateful mob. In this turmoil he meets the reclusive Grey, who has learned to silence himself after years of neglect. As the two form an intimate bond, they plan to finally escape the cruelty of their violent world. Cal and Grey is a story about the indomitable nature of love and the bruising power of rebellion.



In preparation for their move, Millie and David are forced to pack up their only son’s room, discovering the truth about his absence and their turbulent marriage. 

You can also read an article that I wrote about the experience here.

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