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Playwright. Performer.  Bad A** Art Maker.

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Becca Schlossberg’s play Just Like I Wanted, a drama about teen suicide, is published through Playscripts and has been performed throughout the world. Their play 3boys, is published by Original Works Publishing and received a 4-star review by Time Out magazine for its 2010 NYC Fringe production.   The Untold Yippie Project, their play about a Yippie Takeover of Disneyland, opened to rave reviews and is published by Samuel French. Other plays include: Blood Memory, Forever Friends, Hands, Unkempt, Cal & Grey, Guidance, All We Are, and Brightly Shone The Moon.  They are a proud alum of Page 73’s Interstate Writer’s Group, Ensemble Studio Theatre’s Youngblood, and The Amoralists’ Wright Club. Becca is also performer and stand-up, and can be seen in their solo show, Blood Memory, the award winning Next Level Sh*t, and Punches, a short film they wrote. They live in Brooklyn and use all pronouns, baby.  

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DISCUS Reviews

"Discus is worthy of a wreath of laurels." - John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards, Thinking Theater NYC

"This is a beautiful work. Sweet and intimate, with still the epic threads that are sewn into any myth involving the pantheon." - Zelda Knapp, A Work Unfinishing

"provocative new indie interpretation" - Deb Miller, DC Metro Arts

"DISCUS... is a highly stylized, elaborately designed, and well-paced new adaptation of the enduring Greek myth of Apollo and Hyacinth." - Jed Ryan,  Lavender After Dark Media

"Wow" - a guy in the front row, after blackout

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